About Us


“I have been associated with Auxein for more than ten years and have regularly imported their entire trauma line to Egypt for my patients. They offer similar quality to the biggest names and are focused on innovation and offering better solutions. I believe their decisions are beneficial to advancing the entire field of orthopaedics, especially with DAIS Academy and its webinars and surgeon on surgeon training. When we put bright minds together, new solutions are born, and leaps are made.”

-Prof. Dr. Sherif Khaled, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Cairo

How we operate

Curriculum and Faculty Development

All the programs developed at DAIS aim to fulfill the needs of the global pool of healthcare professionals aiming for the sky.

Teaching Material

All the relevant information and study material is made available to you on your finger-tips via published journals, webinars, workshops, websites, apps, etc.

Educational Platforms

Online Web
and Apps

With DAIS, everything we provide will contain some piece of relevant information. The apps and websites act as tools for you to glide through in case of any confusion

Publications and

The dedicated professionals under DAIS work hard to support its global network of surgeons by providing published journals present in all types of media.

“With DAIS Academy, we are offering surgeons the chance to experiment with different medical approaches, techniques, and implants to find the best options for real-time surgeries. With live surgeries, cadaver workshops, dry labs, Auxein provides all these brilliant minds with the opportunity to experiment with different orthopaedic implants and witness their outcomes. As the quality of education and training improves, it results in better surgeons and better treatments, contributing to society's betterment. ”
-Rahul Luthra, International Sales Director