Division of Auxein Institute for Surgeons is a research and education based platform which specializes in surgical treatment of trauma, spine, and musculoskeletal disorders via constant innovation. Being a medical guide and a non-profit organization, DAIS strives to attain a global network of surgeons and plan to be the leading educational platform for all.


DAIS’s academy mission is improving patient’s life through innovative orthopaedic research and development.

Goals of the research and development-

  1. Pre-Clinical Research and Development Activities
  2. Investigation of medical devices, surgical procedures and materials.
  3. Providing trainings to the surgeons.
  4. Clinical outcomes of the devices, materials and substances.
  5. Association with the universities and research institutes to enhance the research oriented activities.

3.5mm Wise-Lock Compression Plate Technique

3.5mm Wise-Lock Compression Plate Technique-

Case Studies

Auxein Medical improves the patient’s life by providing the customized patient specific implants manufactured using 3D printing technology. Auxein medical have in house 3D printing and prototyping facilities. We are using Finite Element Methods to verify the implant designs and mechanical testing to validate the implant designs. Few of our case studies are below-